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EU needs and deserves an External Service that is efficient competent, committed and visible throughout the world.

Telework in Delegations

In need of an additional EU budget

Work-life balance in hardship posts

The Staff Committee : a tool for achieving pour objectives

Equal career opportunities for AST & AST/SC

Our current Staff Reg. allows us to act in favour of all categories of staff



Towards a first class European external action service

The EU needs and deserves an External Service that is efficient competent, committed and visible throughout the world. The current situation is disappointing and a source of frustration and demotivation for most of us. Let's work together to create a service Europeans can be proud of, a service that values and respects every individual and carries the EU's voice worldwide, loud and clear.

Careers Mobility Promotions Dignity at work

Based on their merit, EEAS should offer career opportunities at headquarters and delegations to staff in all categories: Officials, Temporary agents, Contract agents, Local agents.

Promotion should be based on merit, according to clearly defined, transparent and comparable criteria.

Pre-selection panels should be made transparent, fair, providing systematic and meaningful feedback and marking; staff representatives should be invited as observers.

No colleague should be left behind, stuck in a non-job, treated unfairly. EEAS cannot request additional posts when currently a number of highly qualified staff are not given proper jobs. EEAS needs all staff to work together in a constructive spirit for the EU to prosper.

Nobody should be discriminated or harassed, irrespective of nationality, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, administrative origin, political beliefs. Those who engage in harassment should be investigated and punished if found guilty, irrespective of their status or grade.

Promotion System should be harmonised with Commission. One system and one evaluator in delegations for all staff allowing comparison, fairness and potential inter-institutional mobility.

Esprit de corps cannot thrive when you create casts, silos and ghettos.

Training Recruitment Working Conditions

To prepare for tomorrow's jobs and help colleagues build a career path, targeted training, linguistic, thematic, IT should be offered to all staff and attendance strongly encouraged. A special effort should be made for AST colleagues who wish to specialise in different areas such as Administration, Finance, Contract, Audit, Press, Webmaster editor etc.

Temporary agents need to be able to plan their career and their personal and family lives. For this they should know in good time for how long they will be able to serve in the EEAS, and whether a second contract will be proposed. Past performance should be the defining factor. Further efforts are needed to valorise their experience upon return to national administration.

Posting in delegations should be facilitated for families, by taking active measures for spouses to be able to work.

Adjustment coefficients should be more stable and based on an agreed method.

Inter-institutional mobility should be strongly and actively encouraged for all, including for Contract Agents.

Early retirement on a voluntary basis should be encouraged.

Targeted competitions should be organised regularly to recruit younger, specialised colleagues. We are in favour of internal competitions for Contract agents so that they may also have long term career prospects.

Our Health & our Staff regulations

The joint sickness insurance scheme should be guaranteed, improved and sustained given current trends (contribution volume, affiliates demography, level of medical costs, etc.).

Local agents too deserve a decent health insurance scheme and pensions as well as protection and compensation in case of redundancy. They are not the fifth wheel of the coach but staff to be respected on an equal footing.

We will oppose any attempt to impose a deterioration of our working environment such as open spaces, hot desks etc. and we will support practices that ease staff working conditions such as teleworking in all delegations whenever technically feasible.

We are opposed to any revision of the staff regulations; we have already paid a price in terms of salaries, pensions, working hours, and leave rights (especially in delegations) in 2004 and 2014. Enough is enough.

We will work together with other trade unions, within the Staff Committee and social dialogue, to achieve these goals.


We will use the Staff Committee as a tool for achieving our objectives, in a true democratic spirit


Working as a help-desk for all staff

Assist individuals in distress

advising colleagues what to do in specific cases;

supporting individual court cases;

making commission legal service accessible for staff in delegations.

Improve the efficiency of the Staff committee by:

involving all elected members in the work of the SC;

consolidating efforts at the level of the SC irrespective from trade union affiliation;

strengthening the link with the Commissions Central Staff Committee.

Improve communication of the SC:

regular information and reporting on developments and achievements;

regular communication with staff reps in delegations;

direct communication with staff through e-mails, teleconferences, web-streaming, visits to delegations, web site;

Active participation of the SC :

in the work of committees and working groups;

in the negotiations and consultations.

Work with administration and use of means of pressure on administration by:

bringing problems to higher political level addressing European Parliament, European Council, and human rights bodies;

using media to raise public awareness on problems;

using fully the toolbox we have, including strikes as the last resort.

Reinforcement of the local representation by:

organising and assisting regional networks;

establishing regional antennas of NEAR and local staff reps;

organising training for staff reps in delegations (training modules, regional seminars, meetings);

insisting on implementation of the social dialogue standards in delegations

The particular case of staff in delegations

We want to coordinate actions between the EEAS and Outside Union staff committees.


The philosophy behind our program

Defending an independent, high-quality European Civil Service. The EEAS is the diplomatic service of the EU. It has to fully respect the rules applicable to a European Public Service. This is the pre-requisite for its necessary independence in the European interest.

Solidarity and non-discrimination of all EEAS staff. The coherence of staff is a major goal to be achieved, eliminating all unnecessary distinctions and petty discriminations. A common implementation on the statute across all institutions should create a common basis for all personnel in delegations regardless if they are from the EEAS or the Commission.

We do not accept precarity. Contract agents should have access to internal competitions. We reject the proposal that secretaries will only be recruited as Contract agents. The situation of Local agents must be vastly improved.

The EEAS is part of the European family of Institutions. This is why close contacts, in particular with the Commission, must be maintained with a view to ensuring coherence of policy objectives, proper coordination of programs and actions on the field.

The EEAS is also part of the European diplomacy. Relations with national diplomatic services have to be fluid (training, secondments, ...).


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