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Elections 2021 for the Local Staff Committee Outside Union

Unity and Solidarity Outside the EU



USHU thanks Commission staff for voting for our team and leading us to victory.

We will aim to show those who did and did not vote for us, that we will combine forces with other elected members from different trade unions and encourage a highly active and engaged CLP HU that will defend EU DEL staff and promote improvements.

USHU wants to acknowledge all the strong candidates who ran on the five lists that were presented this year – the elections were more competitive than ever. This is never an easy process and we know that it is increasingly difficult to carry out daily professional tasks and to take on additional responsibilities related to staff representation. ALL candidates deserve full recognition for their efforts.

The new CLP HU needs to be more accessible to EU Delegation staff so we will be pushing for an enhanced communication strategy, more webinars with staff, more contact with you on a regular basis so that you too, can make recommendations, support our initiatives.

December 2021


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