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Spécial Pierre Vimont

Avec Pierre VIMONT, Fondation Carnegie Europe, Pierre Vimont partage sa longue expérience d’ambassadeur et d’ancien Secrétaire général exécutif du Service européen pour l’action extérieure pour évoquer les défis aux frontières extérieures et intérieures de l’Europe.

Présentation de P. Vimont   Article : Between China and the USA, Europe seeks its future

 Ecoutez Pierre Vimont, interviewé par DGT Academy - Radio Ekonomika : Aux frontières de l’Europe

Analyse : Des relations extérieures de l'Union européenne: Bilan et nouvelles ambitions (Août 2019)

Analysis : The external representation of the European Union and the way in which it is perceived can serve as a revealing mirror of its nature: observations about an incident that occurred at the end of 2018 in the USA

Local Agents : Where are we concerning the review of the Conditions of Employment of Local Agents ?

Work-life balance and working conditions in EU Delegations

Recours en Annulation auprès du Tribunal de l'Union Européenne contre la nouvelle politique du personnel au SEAE concernant les Allocations Scolaires en délégations

High Representative and Commission position with regard to staff with UK nationality only in EU Delegations

Règlement pour les élections professionnelles au SEAE

Professional elections for the Staff Committee of the EEAS 2019

According to the procedure for the election of the EEAS Staff Committee and the electoral calendar, the voting period of election of the new EEAS Staff Committee will take place from

5th November (11 a.m.) to 15th November (11 a.m.) - Brussels time

See also the EEAS Intranet website for more information.

The provisional electoral roll will be published on 30th September 2019.

Objections concerning the electoral roll shall be lodged in writing by e-mail to the Electoral Office within 10 calendar days after the election roll has been published. Only EEAS Staff can vote (not COM staff).

When you will access the voting application, your identity will be established by the EU Login, this system being also used for other applications, such as Sysper2. Please check that your EU Login identification is working and that your password is correct


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