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Dear Colleagues,

I guess you are aware of the note of 30 July 2014, addressed to all HoD.

OPTIMUS is looking into coping with a situation where an increased financial allocation (including leftovers) needs to be handled with a slightly reduced workforce.

DEVCO is thus looking into an "increase of efficiency of the implementation modalities" (point 2), and as well reviewing the use of DEVCO staff in Delegations.

The optimisation of the use of DEVCO staff is based on the idea to have a corporate exercise leading to a better rebalancing of staff between Delegations. Some Delegations have a proportionally better staffing than others and some staff will need to be shifted to help Delegations in need.

Under point 3 (page 3), it is described how this process will be conducted. Baseline projections (step 1) were sent to all Delegations giving them a possibility to carry out a reality check (step 2). Worthwhile to mention that not only the number of contracts have been taken into consideration, but as well the specific situation of each Delegation.

The next step (3) is the elaboration of proposal for staff shifts/cuts (on geographical Directorate basis) followed by the multi annual redeployment plan on DEVCO level. As you all know, DEVCO is obliged to reduce staff by 10 % until 2017.

The implementation should be realised, whenever possible, using the existing instruments, namely rotation of officials, CA mobility and publication of posts. In other words, no CA will be laid off (apart from exceptional cases, e.g. refusal of mobility), but dismissals may unfortunately happen to a limited number of Local Agents.

The OPTIMUS exercise will from now on be carried out every year, because situations in some countries/ regions may change rapidly and must be responded to in a timely manner. There is no precise timeline fixed, but the redeployment plans are planned to be reviewed and finalised each year one or two months before the rotation/ mobility exercise starts.

I will keep you updated as soon as new developments are showing up.

Siggi Krahl
1st Vice President of the OU CLP 19/12/2014

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